Vietnam Day 14

I was so busy for these two days. Since i am in charge of the workshop today and also the contraception part tomorrow, I need to finish two PowerPoint in 2 days (going crazy)

Today is the first workshop in the pagoda, so we decide to teach them simple and basic things. I did a PowerPoint about gender difference, puberty and hygiene. They are all around 10-13. Most of them haven’t gone through puberty yet. Especially for boys, they were really attentive and kept asking us for more details. For girls, my partner and I have decided to put a practical part in it, to teach the girls to use sanitary pads. They haven’t seen that before and I am really glad we have put this part in today’s programme. At least, the girls won’t be confused and have no idea what’s going on when they have their first period.

For the hygiene part, we showed them some slides about basic hygiene and actually brought them some soap and taught them how to wash hands correctly in the washroom. We ended the day with a game. The game was a bit meaningless, but it was fun. They really enjoyed it.

When I saw their smile and heard their laughter, I know i am doing the right thing.

I have attached the slides I made and also the breakdown of the programme, so you guys can have a look in case you are interested in what have we taught them.


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