Vietnam Day 13

Starting from this week, we will have totally 5 workshops at the pagoda, to teach the kids about hygiene, puberty, pregnancy, etc.

In vietnam, they have pagoda and temple. Temple is just a place for worship, whereas pagoda have resident monks in it. The pagoda we are going is called Ky Quang pagoda. They have a separate building beside the pagoda with lots of room with many normal and baby beds. Those are provided for orphans, the poors and mainly mentally handicapped kids. Nurse/locals are employed to take care of them. There are also classrooms on the upper floors for kids to have classes. Those kids are all from less privileged families that are unable to support them for joining the locals’ schools. These kids are the students we are going to teach and play with.

For the first day, we would like to know around how old the students are and what do they want to learn in the next few workshops. Therefore, we just play some simple games to warm up and try to get to know all of them through the games. After that, they said they would like to learn some English, so our French girl suggested that we should draw out different animals and teach me slowly. After that, we play hangman to test their knowledge.

There is a girl really likes me and she grab me so i can sit next to her. She is really hardworking. She kept telling me to teach her English words by pointing at different things in the classroom and she is the only student who read down all what she learnt. She gave me a drawing at the end of the class. I refused at first but she insisted, so I just accepted it.

Can’t wait to see them again!

IMG_6045 IMG_6056 IMG_6061 IMG_6054 IMG_6059

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