Vietnam Day 12

Ah!! bad things happen to me everyday!!! Few days ago, my host’s dad told me he cant register for me in the police station. Those police said that I cant register because I am not related to their family. Hell-,- of course I am not related to their family, I am from HK. What do you expect?

Let me talk about the registration thing to you guys first. According to the Vietnam immigration, we need go to our local police station and register within 7 days after arrival.

After few days, her dad went to the police station and help me to register, bringing all my forms and photos. The police said that since I am not a part of their family, I can’t stay in their house. Her dad is so angry, cause they are obviously bullshitting. He even showed them my visa and contract with aiesec, but they still rejected him. My host then decided to go with me few days later and asked again.

Yesterday, my host(studying law) have checked on the internet and found there is no law about ‘unrelated people cant live in locals house’. She called the head of department who is in charge of visa and registration and asked about it. He said this shouldn’t be a problem. She should try again tomorrow.

So today we went there again. Being rejected again. My host tried to call the head of department and they said no this time. The guy told him he have double checked and I am not allowed to register. The vice president of the aiesec hcmc told me I must move to another host asap, because it is super urgent. Everything is so messed up now, dun know what to do at all.

Then my host explained to me that the government actually records everything. Even if her friend(locals) want to come and sleepover for ONE night, they need to register in the police station. There was a time she invited two friends to her place and her neighbours found out there are ‘strangers’ in their house. They informed the police and the searching team knocked their door at 3 in the morning and searched all over their house. They were fined for more than 3000 euros because her friend is at her place.
Sigh.. The committee better help me to find a new host quickly. I dont want to cause trouble to her family. They are really nice to me. Her mum treats me like her own daughter.I wish I can stay there for 6 more weeks….

One more thing I have observed is that in the police station, everything is so underdeveloped. They dont even have computers. They wrote everything on paper and file it. Also, I noticed that for every people they have something looks like a passport but it’s actually all the info. of your family members. One page for 1 person and they got all the details in it.

I think this is a quite scary, seems that the gov. want to control his people and need to know everything about them. Well. After all, this is a communist country. That’s why, I guess.






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