Vietnam Day 11

Argh. I am so pissed off!

We planned to have a workshop at the pagoda today at 9am. We planned everything beforehand and I woke at 7am because of this! I have never been to there and last night, my host slept super early, so I haven’t the chance to ask her which bus should I take. I tried to use my ‘intelligence’ to find my way. You need to know that the bus in Vietnam is super hard to use, since they haven’t got a board to show where you are and what the next station is and they can’t speak English. Even the Vietnamese said it’s complicated. You can try when you come to hcmc, I bet you will get lost hahaha.

There are some notes at the back of the bus map and I tried to follow it and find the street i want to get off. After around 30 mins…. I was still at the ‘first’ street in the map and i am super confused.. Then, the bus stopped and said this is the final stop. god.. i got lost -,- I was in the middle of nowhere..  I called my friend for helped and he told me to get a taxi. I showed the address to the taxi driver and he had no idea where is it.Then, he talked with a motorcycle taxi driver and he said he knows where it is, so I get on the bike. FIRST TIME ON MOTORCYCLE TAXI. Panic… Luckily, he didnt bring me to somewhere scary and I arrived safely. It costs me 50,000 Dong (30min ride), not bad :D

Finally I am there.. and they were all standing outside the pagoda. One of the intern said we can’t go in because today’s a day for praying. They dont let us in. Everyone was so disappointed and angry. The project leader then said since yesterday night, she cant contact the guy in charge, but he promised to let us work today few weeks ago. We had no choice, so we decided to go to a coffee shop and have meeting to discuss about the run down for the workshop which will take place in Nguyen Cong Tru high school on Thursday.

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