Vietnam Day 9

We got a day off today, so some of the supporters decided to bring us to have a city tour.

We met at ben thanh and walked across the bridge which connects district 1 and district 4. D1 is a tourist area, with lots of foreigners and shopping mall. It’s not hard to find foreigners in d1, they are in everywhere lol District 4 is a poorer area and mainly for locals. My buddy rent a room with her sister there. Ah! I think i need to give you guys more details about the living condition and style of local uni. students.

For most of the students, hcmc is not their hometown, so they will gather with a few friends and rent a ‘flat’ together. Their ‘flat’ is actually a room only, a legit room. For my buddy, she rent a flat with her sister which is around US$100/month. It includes a toilet and and a stove. They haven’t got any beds, because the room is too small for a bed. Therefore, they will buy mattress from supermarket and just open it and lay it on the floor at night. In the morning, they will just fold it and store it so they get spaces for eating or walk around. I have been to the place of my Project leader and its even worst. They share it among 3 people, but the room is even smaller than my buddy’s. The space is just enough for 1 big mattress. Their toilet and stove is not even in their room, you have no privacy for that because anyone can access to it. You will understand wt i mean after i draw it out. i guess…

Back to our city tour.

We went to Red Dragon Museum= Ho Chi Minh Musuem, a restaurant for street foods and also War Remnants Museum.

For the Red Dragon Museum, its name is taken by the design of the museum. You can see a dragon on the roof of the building. The whole Museum talks about what have Ho Chi Minh done. They treat him like a GOD.. they even got a statue of him for you to pray for. You can see that people are kinda being brainwash by the government. They describe him like he is a superman and knows everything. Its a bit similar to Mao in China years ago. People praised and worshiped as the savior of their country. You can see his picture everywhere in HCMC.

To give no cause for much criticism, he really did a lot to the country. I respect him and I really learn a lot from the museum. The history of Vietnam and how strong people are. Not physically, but spiritually.

One worth mentioning point is that the old name of Ho Chi Minh City is Saigon.

For the next post, I will tell you guys what I have learnt in the museum and talk about the history of HCMC, or else this post will be tooo long -,-

After that we went to a street food restaurant just next to Ben thanh. It’s in a proper restaurant, so we don’t need to worry about getting sick after eating street food. This restaurant is actually quite nice, because they provide food of different parts of Vietnam. We ate rice paper, chicken rice and congee. We left at 1:15pm because the musuem opens at 1:30 after lunch break.

This museum doesn’t have air conditioning as usual, but it is a really great place to understand the Vietnam War. You can see how Americans and the French treat them and the imprisonment conditions during the war. They also got a large collection of war documentary photos taken by more than a hundred of journalist.

According to my Vietnamese friend, the War remnants museum is one of the Top 5 must go Museum in Asia. So if you guys are coming to HCMC, don’t forget to come!

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