Vietnam Day 8

Today, we went back to the orphanage shelter.

We played some gesture games as ice breaking game then we started our workshop. Todays’ topic is DREAM.

The first session is called ‘Why should anyone be lead by you?’

This was the question we asked each of them and told them to present it after a few minutes.  They talked about their strengths and elaborated on it. Some of them said that they are caring, willing to listen to others. Some of them said they are independent, know how to treat his ‘brothers’, etc.

Then, we gave them coloured pens and papers to draw out their dreams.

From their drawings and sharing, you can tell that all of them have big dreams, doctors, footballers, drivers, build schools for the poor.. Maybe, you will think that ‘oh, footballers and drivers are such  ‘inferior jobs’. Why would they want to do such kind of work?’

No. Everyone and job is equal here.  People are super nice and friendly. They respect each other. Although they are poor, their spirit is rich. It’s not hard to find a special connection between each of them. Not only between the kids in the shelter, but also with their neighbours, strangers or even foreigners. Human touch. This is what I have found in Vietnam. This is something that I can’t find in Hong Kong, UK or other places. This is the reason I like about Vietnam. They don’t have air conditioners, sleep on floors, live in small houses. Their salary are just enough for the basics. Simple life, simple mind. But you can tell from their smile, they are contented with what they have.

In the dream sharing session,,,,

There is a little boy who is a really shy and i guess with slight autism. He doesn’t usually speaks and never joins us when we play games. He just sit aside and look at us quietly. Surprisingly, when we ask him to draw, he didn’t hesitate at all and start drawing. haha. and the MOST surprising thing is he share his dream to us. He wants to be a doctor so people can stay healthy.

There is another boy. He wants to be a singer. He told us that he really likes singing. He wants to share his happiness to others by singing and bring happiness to the people who listen to him. He sang a Vietnamese song at my request. Although i don’t understand a word and aint sure that if he sings well or not. His voice have touched my heart.

Other kids were really willing to share their dreams to us. I guess it’s because no one have ever asked them about what they want to do when they grow up or they don’t have the chance to tell others. We support and encourage them to chase their dream by clapping hands every time they finish their sharing and teach them how can they reach their goal.

After today’s work, I realized that the best method for the kids to express themselves are through pictures. Probably because they can express their feelings more easily, deeply, accurately compare to words.

After this, we walked about Saigon river to take pictures (:

DSCN6424 DSCN6425 DSCN6426 DSCN6427 DSCN6428 DSCN6434 DSCN6436 DSCN6437 DSCN6438 DSCN6441 DSCN6442 DSCN6514

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