Vietnam Day 7

We got one day off today, so we decided to go somewhere special –>Vung Tau.

It took us 1.30 hour to go there by high speed boat. When we got there, it doesn’t look like what i expected at all… I thought it’s a small island with beautiful beaches everywhere. But….

The first thing we need to do is to go to the bus station and buy our return ticket.With the help of the staff , we get on a taxi which is just  outside the pier. We told him the name of the company, and  thought he knew where do we want to go. He drove around half of the island and stopped at one of the beach and told us he don’t know how to go! We can’t help it, so we called our Vietnamese Project leader to talk to the driver directly. He FINALLY  understood and brought us there. he insisted to make us pay the whole fee which cost 200,000 dong!!! The thing is we can’t communicate at all, so we just paid him and get off. So pissed!  The is definitely a scam for tourists, We will never take taxi from ‘petrol’ taxi company anymore.

We went to a Viet/western restaurant afterwards to have lunch. The food is not too good but the waiter is really helpful. He gave us a map of Vung Tau, showed us the directions and recommended places to us. ( I know we are stupid, we didnt do any research about this island beforehand)

They got a J’esus stretching his arm’ statue here (similiar to the one in Brazil) but it would take us at least 1.5 hour walk to go there, so we decided to go to the beach directly.

They have 4 beaches here and only 1 of them are ‘nicer’. We passed by one of them and there is a enormous dead rat in the water. We don’t dare to walk near it at all, so we continue walking…..

We walked along the coast of the island and take lots of pictures. Can’t stand the heat anymore after 1 hour non-stop walking under the sun, so we just got on a taxi and luckily we didn’t get into scams.

We observed that girls in vietnam never wear bikini or swimsuit. They just walked into the water with their bra, shirts and shorts. This is soooo weird. Then, we said its better for us to just stay on shore and enjoy the sunlight and relax. Around 5/6, there are some fishing boat park near the shore and the fisherman will put the seafood into buckets and sell it to the people on shore. Super fresh seafood! Really want some ):

Fuck that. I dropped my camera into the water and it’s not functioning anymore!DSCN6452 DSCN6460 DSCN6496 DSCN6464 DSCN6470 DSCN6480 DSCN6483 IMG_6013 DSCN6474 DSCN6475 DSCN6478 935033_10201405192634515_94195674_n


We were hanging around in one of the dirty beach and there it came a random french guy. He said he have just joined a internship in Vietnam and he got a challenge everyday. And todays challenge is to dance and sing in front of strangers and tell them to record it and send it back to his boss. After the recording, he mentioned that there is another challenge too. His boss didnt give him any money to go back, so in order to go back to Saigon, he need to ask strangers for money. After being persuaded for 15 mins, we gave him 20000 dong each. He promised that he will return them money once he arrive Saigon. However, when we arrive Saigon, it’s already around 8 which means we are going to miss the last bus. So we told him that he don’t need to return the money when he text us.


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