Vietnam Day 6

Today we only got 2 hours to work and we went to a orphanage shelter. They are all boys. Before I came, the interns have already been here once and teach them about sex, like relationships, HIV, etc, so we then prepare to teach them about the leadership skills in this session. We got spider web as ice breaking games and then we got a fall game and blindfold game, aiming to help them to build trust on others. One people stand in front and 3 of them will knee down at the back and put our their arms to catch their friend when he lie down 150 degrees without any support. We then continue with Squares game. They found the first 4 games very easy so we got 2 hard games for them which really trains their leadership skills and cooperation skills. Its Bridge game and tower game.

The rule for Bridge game is to build a bridge with limited newspaper and tape between 2 chairs which is 6 tiles apart. And we will put two pens on it for 5 secs to see if the bridge can support the weight. It’s quite hard actually because the chairs are quite far apart and this requires brains to think of the best way to build the bridge. At first, it’s quite messed up. Because each of them have their own ideas. Theytried to stick the papers together and connect it, but then they knew that it’s not working. So they build some columns under it to support the bridge to make it more ‘horizontal’. In this 15 mins, you can observe  that they are improving and try to think of the best strategy. Some are the ‘workers’ and some are the ‘leaders’, which try to give advice. You can see that they are dividing their work. Of course, at the end, they succeeded after we giving some hints and this actually makes me quite touched.

After this, we got a bit sharing and teaching. we mentioned that in a group, there must be always a leader so things will go on more smoothly and work will be more efficient. They also need to cooperate and  listen to others ideas even they think that their own idea is the best……(a lot more)

The tower game is to build a tower with newspaper without using any tape. They need to compete with any group and try to make the tallest tower in 10 mins.  You can see from the pic, their design is actually really good. At least for me, I wouldn’t have think of putting supporting ‘bridge’ beside the main tower to make it more stable . I can see a potential architect here.

Even though is just playing with the kids. you can actually learn a lot from them. How do they look at things. The ways they treat or look at others. You can tell that they are really close, because this is a orphanage shelter. they have been living tgt since they are young. Even though they always hit each other, you can feel that there is a special love between them.


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