Vietnam Day 5

Todays work is to interview the local in the park to research about how do Vietnamese people think about sex education.

We have around 6 interns and there are several supporters, which help us to translate and of course the people in the committee like the project leader. We divide into groups of 2 and go into random people and interview them. We start at 1pm and I have interview 4 different groups of people.

  1. 2 undergraduate girls
  2. A couple
  3. A man who is 60+

This is what they told me….

1. We have sex education in high school and we learnt make love before marriage and relationships. We also have biology lessons to learn the physical differences/ changes between boys and girls.

We have never heard of contraception (e.g. morning pills) and it’s very difficult for us to share sex related issues to our parents as they are very close-minded. We might share it between friends and teachers.

I think that sex education is important for students, because when students haven’t got any knowledge in sex. We will be curious and this is also one of the reason why there is high abortion rate and having sex before marriage.

We know about LGBT and we won’t discriminate them. However, we think that the government should control them, or else the number of LGBT people will increase.

We think that people becoming LGBT are always due to peer pressure, when there is more info. about LGBT, more people will know what is this and more people will become LGBT.

2. Female: Sex education is not common in school, however they still have some workshop/ activities about sex education occasionally.

Male: We got sex education each week at school. Every week, we got a topic and their schools will invite some doctors and professionals to teach/discuss with them. They teach us how to use condoms by using bananas. I also know that condom can prevent HIV and other STDs.

(He admitted that their schools are quite rich and he is really lucky)

They both think that there is 3 reasons of people becoming LGBT.

1-      This is in their genes

2-      Peer pressure, affected by other LGBT from other places

3-      Affect by their parents. Eg. Their parents really want a boy but turn outs that they got a girl. Their parents will try to dress or train them like a boy. And this will affect the character and attitude towards sex of their kids.

We accept but don’t support LGBT, we will treat them normally but may try to talk to them to lead them back to the ‘right’ path.

3. I think that sex education is really important to everyone especially the young people, so they can protect themselves and have a happy life. I think sex is the most important thing in our life. Everyone needs it. In order to have a happy life, we shouldn’t let sex-related problem such as STDs, early pregnancy to interrupt our life. It’s hard to get the right info. if students look up the info. from the internet, so it’s important to be taught by teachers.

The teachers teach them about the menstrual cycle too, so they can have sex when the chance of getting pregnancy is low.

I think LGBT is normal and I agree with it, because we are all humans. We have the right to choose and we should accept and understand others.

(Surprisingly, the oldest seems to be the most open-minded)

I have write a report on it, feel free and take a look. Image

1DSCN6335  DSCN6345 DSCN6342 DSCN6341 DSCN6340 DSCN6344 DSCN6337 DSCN6336

Then we went to district 7 to have dinner. It’s really modern and beautiful there. They got a artificial (not sure) lake at the back of shopping mall.  Even in the shopping mall, the food is super cheap. A Korean stew pot with a bowl of rice, it’s only around US$4-5 and the taste is quite okay.

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