Vietnam Day 4

i haven’t got any work today, so I had my breakfast and lunch at home and wait till 3 to take the bus FIRST time on my own. I didn’t pass the stop! yeah!!! I have tried a special fruit this morning. Its somekind of berries and they said that it’s rich in vitamin C and can prevent flu. Its sweet and got 3 seeds in it even the berry is very small.

Then, I chat a bit with Mi before starting her revision and ask why do they sleep in the afternoon. I and another intern notice this, because everytime he goes back home, his host will tell him to take nap. And Mi said its a habit of Vietnamese people. They wake up at 7 and have breakfast, then lunch and will take nap after that for around 1-2 hours, it’s because they have nothing to do in their home and have nowhere to go, so they will just sleep…

My buddy then ride me around at 4pm after her work. We went to District 3 and sit at a park with a small, lake in the middle. Then she bought me bubble tea (:(: and xia jiao and also something call mis rice paper (forgot wt’s that call for Vietnamese) The bubble tea is tasty as usual and the xia jiao is actually somekind of chinese food. erm.. Do you a dim sum which looks like a dumpling and got shrimps in the middle? That’s the one, but of course its in a style of Vietnamese… by putting their own sauce on it and its boil instead of steam.

The mis rice paper!! It’s really special. It’s a traditional street food in Ho chi Minh City and looks like noddles. Its made from rice paper and mix it with some garlic, dry beef, mangoes, chilly sauce, some leafs and several quail eggs. Its quite tasty and a bit spicy for me.

Then we walk to the Central post office which is one of the oldest building in Ho Chi Minh. I planned to send some postcards to my friends but I can’t find any there.. So maybe i will go there again next time when i bought some postcards from somewhere. She then drove me to a bookshop to search for postcards and buy a notebook, so I can write down all my notes and also the Vietnamese words that i have learnt xd

There is something special in the shops of Vietnam. When you go into a supermarket or even a bookshop, You need to put your bags in a locker and take out your purse before you in and start shopping. Just to prevent you to put their things in your bags i guess.

After that, I went to her home and her sister cook us dinner (: It’s really nice of them to welcome me to their home. They cook some typical vietnamese soup. Its a bit sour and is by boiling tomatoes, tamarind and a Vietnam fruit that they dun know what its name too.
DSCN6282 DSCN6283 DSCN6284 DSCN6285 DSCN6287



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