Vietnam Day 3

Finally starting working today. I got a pre-meeting at 8am… that means i need to wake up at 6, but luckily my buddy is really helpful and she said she can ride me there.

Meeting till 10 with another Chinese intern, and we went to the Ben Thanh market to meet up with other interns. We got interns from India, maritius, China, German and of course Vietnam. Today we are going to HIV shelter. Takes us 2 hours to go to there and its like a rural place with just a few shops there. We pass by farmlands and grasslands on our way. So you can definitely imagine how does the place looks like.

We went it and wait for awhile, because the kids were having dinner and some are sleeping. Then we went it and play games with them. We play games like ‘Simon says’, sing vietnam traditional songs, and each of us present our countries. I of course represent UK and other vietnamese interns will help us to translate it to them. They are really cute and asked us questions about our own country. We asked them what do they want us to teach them next time we visit them, so we can prepare materials for next time visit.

We then talk to a last phase HIV adult, i guess around 4x years old. Really want to cry when I meet her. She is so weak and so tired that she cant eat and sleep properly. She lie down on her bed and cant really sit up. She said that she got a husband and 2 kids, but her husband has passed away already. She just realized that she got HIV 1 month ago when she kept feeling so tired and had a serious stomachache.  At first, she stay in the hospital, but no one take care of her, so she apply to this shelter and all the fees are free. They got people to feed and cook for them, even got doctor to check their health. She also mentioned that three patients have gone home, because they were physical better.

We left around 5 because the last bus left at 5:xx. It’s dark already when I get off the bus. please note that I am really bad at memorizing streets. Luckily, one guy in the committee brought me home, or else i think i will definitely got lost. (The thing is I still haven’t got a sim card yet, so i cant call anyone when i need help)

I cant stop thinking of the kids when i am on the bus. Who will be so hardhearted and tell them they got HIV just because ur parents got it and tell them what will they go through when they get old. Its so cruel. They are really cute and cheerful like normal kids. Some of very shy, some are really passionate, some of them are trying to hide themselves at first, but after we try to get in touch with them and play games with them. You can see that they are really happy and willing to open their hearts and enjoy the games.

They are the most innocent, yet they need to suffer the most. You will know how important sex education is when you get in touch with them personally.

DSCN6270 DSCN6278 DSCN6271 DSCN6272 DSCN6273 DSCN6276

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