Vietnam Day 2 (updated)

God.. i woke up at 5 this morning, because the bed is too hard and is hurting my pelvis and spine. You can imagine actually, when there is no mattress, ur spine need to maintain the ‘stright-ness’ for the whole night.

Then around 7, Mi came in and ask if i want to join them to have breakfast and visit their market. Yeah sure! Dun want to stay in bed anymore -,- Her sis ride the motorcycle with her baby daughter and mi and me in the same motorcycle. Its quite fun though, as i haven’t ride on a motorcycle before. i thought i will easily drop from the motorcycle at first, but its not the case.

Around 80% ride the motorbike here and when you walk along the street, most ofe time, you are the only one who is walking. All of them are using their motorbike. We arrive the street rest. after few minutes and they order beef noodles for me (: The taste is quite similar to the one i had in HK. The interesting thing is, before you use your chopsticks, they got some cut lime for you. You can of course squeeze the juice to the noodles, but you can also use to clean the chopsticks by rubbing the chopsticks to the lime.  Furthermore, all tissue paper you have used or rubbish you got, you can just throw it on the floor -__- Its not that they are not educated or what, but its a normal thing here. and the shop keeper will clean it after we left.

We then walk to the market and see how different is it from HK. Its looks more or less the same to the old wet market in HK but they got some stores which have piles and piles of clothing and shoes. Mi said that they are all second hand products and its really cheap. People are like buried in the clothes mountains when they are looking for their captures.

We went back and take a rest and wait for my buddy to pick me up and teach me how to travel by bus and also go to the departure point when we got work to do.

Wow. everywhere looks the same and it’s so confusing for me to take the bus. I am so weak in memorizing the streets and they hvnt got the board showing what is the next station in the bus. I need to take the bus tmr by myself, lets hope that i wont miss the stop or get lost. So nervous.

We then went into the market. Its a really big market with all kinds of stuff, like big pieces of cloth, clothes, shoes, food, etc. Then we walk to a street which my buddy says there will be lots of foreigners gather around there to have a drink at night. After that, we go into a dessert cafe, to have a yummy fruit yogurt (:(: It’s only 21000Dong. (= $0.99 US only) We went home after that because it starts raining heavily.

i dun know why I cant upload the pics, I will try again later!

DSCN6245 DSCN6244 DSCN6267 DSCN6265 DSCN6264 DSCN6253 DSCN6252 DSCN6247

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