Vietnam Day 1

Guys I have been to Singapore for a few days and I am starting my 7 weeks vietnam AIESEC exchange today. I will u tell you guys what have i done in Singapore later, but in the meanwhile, i will just keep sharing what i have met and experience in Vietnam.

After 2 hours flight, I finally arrive Ho Chi Minh City at 5. Took me an hour to make the landing visa and meet my buddy who is a 21 girl and she will bring me around these 7 weeks. Feel so sorry, because she have waited for me for 2 hours… I exchange some of my money in the airport. The rate is 21115, is it exepensive ???

Then i get on the taxi which cost me 100000 Dong (seriously?!), but when you change it back to US, its actually around $5 only. Vietnam looks more rural than I expected, i hope i can get used to this environment quickly. No skyscrapers at all, the house looks a bit different than i expect.

Fortunately, my host family is really nice and friendly. They are a family of 6, Mi who is a ex- aiesec committee memeber and a law student in Vietnam. She is the one who translate my words to others and vice versa.

During dinner, there is a dish which looks like fish/ chicken and Mi mum gave me some of them. It tastes quite good and i thought its fish. Then i ask them wt’s that and they said it’s FROGGG. omggggg. okay.. then i pretend that i am okay with that and keep calm and continue my dinner (:

Then Mi bring me to her room to settle down. Erm….. and i found out that my bed is made of wood… basically my bed = wood, without any mattress… Let’s hope that i wont got muscle and back bone pain tmr when i get up. I am sure i can get used to this after a week.. (i hope)

Oh! and there is a funny and scary thing too. We need to close all the windows at night before we sleep, cause there are lots of robberies. People may use a fish rod and steal all the things from the room….

Ya. That’s it for today. Having frogs for dinner will be the highlight of the day! (:




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