The notebook in the taxi

Guys. I came across this in my facebook page and I feel so touched. A thing that you can share and feel the love between people.

This notebook is placed in 4 different taxi in Hong Kong. What they aim is to use this notebook, to act as a bridge and bring the driver closer to their passengers. They form a group calling themselves as ‘ positive motorcade’ in order to give out positive energy to others. Through this, drivers have observed a different side of HongKongers and change their passive character insidiously.

This what they wrote on the cover

” Hello Passenger,

If you are happy, feel free to write an incident that makes you happy and sweet.

If you are sad, please read the words that people have wrote.


the taxi driver in front”

People usually act passively and won’t really share and write things down when they first get in the taxi. This might be a characteristic of Chinese, always hide their feelings from others. However, people start to write things down after the driver explains their aim and encourage them to share.

One of the driver said that foreigners are more willing to write, people like Korean, Swedish, American,etc. and mention that not all Chinese from mainland are rude and mean, most of them are very polite.

There is a time that David receive a passenger who just came out from the hospital, the passenger wrote, ‘ healthy = happy, rich = even happier’ . This is one of the notes which put a smile of his face every time he reads it.

This article proves that everything you do, even something that not worth mentioning can bring happiness to others life. So if you have got an idea or aim, don’t just think/dream of it. Act on it and you might become an influence of other people’s life.

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