World Naked Bike Ride event

Haven’t been updating for ages, because I just got back my (real)home and need to settle everything down and take a good rest.

Last saturday, we planned to go to Hyde park to picnic but then my friend told me there’s a catholic protest thing going on there about urging David Cameron to raise awareness of Global Hunger. Bill Gates have gone there too according to the newspaper. So we moved to Green Park which is just a mile away from Oxford Street and Piccadilly Circus. It’s not as big as Hyde park but it’s still a very nice and comfy place which you can spend a day in.

We bought some snacks in Tesco and wasabi then head on our way. We stayed for 2 hours and left. Lots of cheering sounds came from the entrance when we are leaving and we saw around a hundred of naked people cycling along the street.

This the video I record. Sorry for the quality): recrod by my Iphone

Anyways, I found out that that’s actually World Naked Bike Ride event and is to protect oil dependency. People will try to get attention from pass-by by writing words of controversial topics on cardboard or even paint on their skin
Bet that you guys have never seen so many naked people wander the street :P





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