This is certainly the best Japanese restaurant I have ever been in London. The food are very traditional and are made by Japanese chefs. The waitress are also Japanese, so there might be a communication problems, but their English are generally quite good and understandable. Their food are with very high quality and never disappointed me. They also got many different kinds of really fresh sashimi, not only salmon, tuna and shrimp like wasabi. Also, they usually got some ‘daily special’, if you want fresh food, do order those!! Caz it’s usually freshly import that day or recommend by the chefs.

Food that I have tried and really like it:

Grilled daily special Fish (it’s usually are Salmon head or neck)

Salad with pork with sesame sauce

Chicken teriyaki (really soft and tender)

Deep fried aubergine

I have also heard that their ramen is really good but I haven’t got a chance to try it. Maybe next time! However, it’s quite expensive, around 20 pounds/person, so I recommend you guys to go for dinner. For lunch, it’s a bit unworthy.

P.S. If you book in advance, you might be able to book the ‘room’ downstairs. Looks really comfy and can chill with tour friends.

Atmosphere and decorations: 4
Price: 4
Taste: 5
Portion: 5
Staff: 5
Recommend: 5

IMG_4370 IMG_4371 IMG_4367 IMG_4372 IMG_3935 IMG_3934

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