The breakfast club

They got special breakfast and pancakes. They got maple syrup in many of their food. and some even bananas and bacon in a dish. These makes them special i think…
It usually takes an hour to queue. I have been to the one in Angel and soho. The quality are more or less the same. The music are quite good, really suit the atmosphere. I love the decorations! It makes you feel really comfy and can have a good time to meet up your friends. I love the “all day breakfast” smoothie. It got a strong banana flavour which i love but its a bit expensive (£4). Their portion are quite big. you will definitely be stuffed after 4/5. A bit too much for ladies i guess. The “all american” have lots of pancakes which me and friend cant really finished it.
Ah! The one in Angel. When the weather is nice, sometimes they will have the tables outside. You can enjoy your meal with sunshine and fresh air (:

Atmosphere and decorations: 4
Price: 3
Taste: 4
Portion: 5
Staff: 5
Recommend: 4





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