Day 3 Edinburgh


okay! Day 3, my friend recommended me to go to Glasgow because she said Glasgow is really small and I can walk around in a day. So we bought a 9am train ticket and take us an hour ride.

We didn’t really do much research for it so we decide to join the sightseeing bus tour. We can drop off whenever we want, similar to the one you see in London. Glasgow is so different from Edinburgh, it is more doggy than i thought and have no mountains around like Edinburgh.The buildings and the streets are not too attractive. It’s like  London but maybe 10 years ago.

We went to a market in Barras. well… have nothing to say. You will understand what i mean when you seen the pictures I took. Then we went to the Science centre which i thought it’s a science museum. It’s actually a science museum for kids lol (look over age), it is fun though.  I thought riverside museum would be boring and due to the time limit so we didnt go. But turn out it is really good and they got lots of collection of different things after we heard the description of the museum from the guide. So regret…. Then we go to the Botanic garden, which is a big glasshouse which have many different species of plants in it. And i just realized i went to the wrong one that I have planned, because i thought this is the royal botanic garden but its actually not. It should be the one in Edinburgh… ): Lastly, we went Glasgow Uni. to have a look, but we forgot that it is Sunday and there’s no one there so we just take a picture and left.

We passed by a lot of places but we haven’t got enough time. like the city chambers, the lighthouse, st Enoch shopping centre, Mackintosh House, Pavilion Theatre,etc

The shopping centre have closed already when we arrive. It’s quite big by looking it’s building and they got a big Hamleys there. Not sure if it is similiar size to the in London or smaller. We can’t go in the City Chambers. I think it’s private? or maybe it’s Sunday. And i have heard that there are lots of famous singers performed in Pavilion Theatre like The Queen.

We planned to go to a Chinese restaurant for dinner but it’s really expensive, so we just go to Yo!sushi…….. ):

Conclusion : Not recommend

DSCN3835 DSCN3834 DSCN3832 DSCN3838 DSCN3840 DSCN3845 DSCN3851 DSCN3857 DSCN4032 DSCN3865 DSCN3864 DSCN3870 DSCN3873

* have updated the photos for Day 1


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