Day 1 Edinburgh (updated)

Really sorry for the late updates, cause I went to Edinburgh the last few days. I will just divide my trip to 3-4 post to write what I did there.

This is probably the nicest weather in London after going through this half year of London typical weather. Super sunny and not too cold. We get on the train in King’s cross and i found that my tickets haven’t got seat reserved…. so we just seat on the floor for 4.5 hours ): I dun know why, maybe because it’s a super off peak ticket??

Arrive! Edinburgh is so beautiful!! You can see the Edinburgh castle just standing outside the train station. We  figure out which way to go to hostels and discovered if you got a railcard, you can get a bit discount when you buy the day bus pass. But you need to buy the ticket in the travel centre of the station i believe. Get on the bus and get off few stops earlier… Such a long way when you carrying your suitcase. will try to be more careful next time. The hostel is a lot better than i expected and it’s really clean and comfy.

We rest for a bit and go out to the whisky experience thing. its just next to the castle!!! The view are sooo beautiful. We arrive there around 6 so we have taken pictures during daytime and night. hahaha. Then we went to the whisky shop. We get on a barrel ‘car’ and they explained how to make a whisky and told us many details about how to make whisky and their variety.

This is what I remember..’There are four main places to grow barley/grain(not sure) in Scotland and different places can lead to different taste of whisky. Lowland-lemon-ish, Highland-vanilla, Speyside-Fruity, Islay- smoked. There are single malt whisky and blended ones. Single ones are  just made from 1 particular grain, whereas blended ones are made from mixture of single malt whiskies. There is a guy(don’t what the name of his job) to control and regulate the taste of the whisky as there are slightly different even with the same species of grains/barleys. He need to be trained for over 20 years in order to be a pro. American whisky is lighter in colour and the ones from Spain are darker, so it’s quite easy to identify where are they from.’

Then we got a chance to drink the kind of whisky we want to try. OMG. It’s so strong. I chose the blended one and my throat is like burning after i take a sip -,- It’s basically taste like pure alcohol. Not the taste i expected… I swear I wont ever drink whisky again….. maybe I just don’t know how to appreciate it.

After this we went to Rose street and find a restaurant to have dinner. It’s taste quite good, but the portion is less than we thought. We just order a platter and some drinks.  Good meal anyway.

The pictures i took in the first day are in my friend’ s camera, cause mine have broken down): So i will upload the pictures later (:

IMG_4493 IMG_4492 IMG_4486 IMG_4485

DSCN3907 DSCN3915 DSCN3927 DSCN3946 DSCN3941 DSCN3906DSCN3970

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