Went to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo in the coldest day of the year

Last Saturday, I went to the Zoo. As I have already bought the train ticket 1 month in advance so i cant cancel my trip to the zoo even it’s snowing soooo heavily. OK! So we took the train from Euston to Hemel Hampstead and get on a bus for a 35 min ride. Everything is covered with snow, and its so dxxn cold. There is literally less than 10 people when we arrive. We pay and get in to a souvenir shop and try to figure out where to go next. We realize most of the people drive here and drive around the zoo. But since we haven’t even got a driving licence, we need to walk bare foot around… They got a bus tour, which bring you to some stops in the zoo. Animals would be walking around and we can see them from the bus, when the weather is good. Unfortunately, the weather is so terrible bad, and all the animals have gone back to their own little house. The only animals which are staying outdoor is the penguins….

Just after an hour walk, all our feet and toes were numb. The thing is three of us are wearing converse and the snow melts and go through the holes of shoes. All of our socks wet and I even wear double socks to try to keep myself warm. The snow is so thick and honestly, I can’t see anyone except us walking around the zoo. We are like in some sort of advantages based training camps, trying to find our way out from this place. You can imagine, how white the place is and its so hard to find our way to look for the animals. Everything is literally totally white!
The Zoo is really big, and we have just visited half of them. We would have visited more, but because of the weather, the zoo closed earlier. So we decide to go again later in a better weather(: at least it’s not snowing. There is only one bus per hour, so we stand there at the bus stop for half an hour to wait for our bus -___- We are like snowgirls after half an hour. And I just can’t describe how numb my toes are and how do they feels like all crumbled up.

After all, this is a really memorable visit. As least I don’t think any of you have gone to the zoo in such a weather and experienced something like I did.















DSCN3886  DSCN3888  DSCN3885

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