life is unfair?

My friend and I got on the bus from Waterloo to Angel last night. Our bus cross a bridge (london bridge?) and we saw a really magnificent view. Big Ben and London Eye gleaming in the night. and we are just praising how beautiful the view is and how lucky we are. Then she just causally said ” People work so hard throughout their life just to come and watch this view and we can look at it everyday” and i said ” oh yeah we are so lucky” and start chatting other things.

Don’t know why, but this sentence just comes up from my brain suddenly. Was thinking deeply and realise i actually never thought of how lucky I am. People use their life to aim at this view. Sacrifice lots of things, took away lots of blood, sweats and tears, save up some money every month, place their savings in the account just to hope to get a bit more extra from the interest, saving every pence everyday just in order to reach their goal. Go to lessons after working for the whole day, learn more from joining classes for advanced studies, upgrade themselves so to promote and earn more,in exchange for a return flight ticket and a chance to reach their dream.

I am a student, have no working experiences at all, no life experiences, have never experience any big problems which I need to figure out myself. My mum and dad support me every single minute,and I spent at least 20000 pounds every year. And I am actually staying in people’s ‘dream’ every day.

May I say life is so unfair? if you think in another way. It’s actually a fair play. Because how your life is is really depends on your parents. if they are hard workers, responsible parents, you will have a better life than others. But if they are irresponsible and lazy,etc, you will have a harder life. Life is unfair because you cant decide which family you are born in, who is your mum, which countries are you from, you are boy or girl.

I believe everyone have their dream and it’s so hard to reach. But don’t give up when you feel tired. Don’t blame god when you think life is unfair. Try your best to strive towards your goal. Because when you think of the less privileged in the world, you will realise how lucky you are and how much more you have than others. Treasure everything you have and be thankful, because everyone is lucky in its own way.


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