Learnt a lesson ):

Havent been blogging for awhile. Really sorry about that. I got a lot to tell you guys.
Last saturday, my frd and I went to the aquarium next to the london eye. We travel by tube, so we drop off at westminster. We walked up the stairs and saw a guy wearing weird custom waving his hands to tell us to walk to him. He seems very polite and asked us to take a pic with him. So we did. Then!!!!!! When we were planning to leave, he requested us to pay him. I get £2 out and he kept saying “more more” And we are ‘wtf?!’ I said you didnt told us we need to pay in the first place. He kept pointing to a £20. He then found his ‘partner’ which got a wolf mask to pressurise us. And we pay £20 in total to him. He then said £20 each. My friend was so angry and scold him like saying ‘we hvnt got any cash. Wt else do you want’ and he let us go.
I am still so angry now. I will be smarter next time. There is no difference between robbing and this!

P.S. some pics taken in the aquarium








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