Valentines Day

So….. I went to Starbucks in the morning to get my ‘strawberry chocolate kiss’ and my all day breakfast then i rush back to school.. After 3 hours practical, someone gave me a surprise by waiting me outside te campus and gave me 4 roses.(4 is always my lucky number). Then we went to a Japanese restaurant which taste really really good. On the way walking to get my bubble tea, We pass by a shop which i thought they sell chocolate. The sale by the door was holding a box and i thought he is giving out free chocolates so i am so excited when he asked us to come over. And it turns out to be deep sea sea salt -_____- Anyway, he asked us to go in and introduced some of their products and try them out. After half hour, I got a sea scrub and 2 peeling gel thing with a realllllly good deal(: Hahha this is probably my extra valentines day present. And btw, the bubble tea i get after that doesnt taste good at all… Sosad









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