Cheapest Lunch ever!!!

I am just going to the same small shop for lunch these two days. It’s so cheeeeaaaapppp!! I am pretty sure I will be going there constantly at least thrice a week to buy my lunch there. I bought a pinni with parma ham,cheese and mushroom in it yesterday with a drink and also a pack of crisps. Guess how much does it cost?


3.50 only!!!!

And I went there again today to have a lunch special deal which I can choose whatever pasta in the menu together with a box of chips and tea. So i chose tuna spaghetti as i haven’t have tuna for ages. I thought this will be a lot more expensive than yesterday but it’s just 25p extra. -,- CHEAPEST meal I ever have in London…The thing is it tastes pretty good:P

P.S. The restaurant is just beside London Bridge station. go and have a try if you are broke that weekend or want to save some money lol

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